Control your mood with your nose

Control your mood with your nose

Different scents evoke different emotions. Trick your brain into being in a better mood with the right aromas.

All within fractions of a second, your nose picks up tiny particles in the air, information about these particles is sent to your brain through your nervous system, and your brain then simultaneously processes and experiences smell. Scientists refer to the parts of your body that make up your experience of smell as the olfactory system.

The reason why your mood is so strongly affected by smell is that your memory system, basic emotion system, and olfactory system share parts of your brain (the amygdala and hippocampus). Whenever you smell something, the memories and feelings you associate with that smell are awoken automatically.

How much of your emotion is determined by smell? Sensory researchers have found that up to 75% of your emotion is determined by what you smell!

Different smells for different emotions

To best way to determine how a smell will affect your mood is to think of the memories you would associate it with.

  • Thanksgiving with your family might have had the aroma of apple pie in the house; this would make apples and cinnamon a happy or warm smell.

  • The last time you were at a spa there may have been sprigs of lavender there; this would make lavender a relaxing smell.

  • You might have chewed peppermint gum prior to a date or night out with friends; this would make peppermint an energizing smell.

  • You may have had lemongrass tea while on the mend from a cold; lemongrass would be a comforting or therapeutic smell.

Once you’ve picked a few aromas that you think would benefit your mood, you’ll need a way to fill the room with them.

How to control the aroma of a room

A bouquet of herbs or spices tied together can be effective for creating aromas. However, these will dry up and need to be replaced after a couple weeks. Additionally, bouquets take time to prepare and can be expensive.


Growing herbs or flowers in your house will improve smell and filter some of the rooms airborne toxins. Unfortunately, plants demand frequent attention for watering, can be expensive, and limit you to one aroma which will be less and less noticeable over time.


We don't recommend burning incense or sprigs of dry herbs in a house. Smoke creates an intense aroma, clings to surfaces making them difficult to get rid of, and has a carcinogenic nature making it dangerous to inhale.


The best way to fill a room with a smell is by using an oil diffuser with pure essential oils. This method is perfect because it spreads aromas through harmless water vapor and scents can be changed by using a different essential oil at any moment. An oil diffuser is also the most affordable option in the long-run.


For a limited time, Vibrant Co is offering an aroma starter kit that comes with an oil diffuser and a variety of pure essential oils to help you take control of your mood. Reach out to us at if you have any questions or comments.